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Resources for Caregivers and Using a Learning Coach for Teacher Skill Training

Updated: Feb 5

Caregivers as Instructional Partners

  • National PTA - Parent's Guide:

  • National PTA Resources

  • Access guides on parent involvement, advocacy, and supporting children's education.

  • Edutopia - Parent Engagement:

  • Edutopia Parent Engagement

  • Explore articles, videos, and resources focused on effective parent engagement strategies.

  • Reading Rockets - Tips for Parents:

  • Reading Rockets Tips for Parents

  • Find tips and resources to help parents support their child's literacy development.

Caregivers as Learning Coaches (Using a Learning Coach for Teacher Skill Training)

  • Khan Academy - Parent Tips:

  • Khan Academy Parent Tips

  • Discover tips and guidance for parents to support their children's learning across various subjects.

  • Common Sense Media - Parent Concerns:

  • Common Sense Media

  • Explore resources to help caregivers navigate media, technology, and online learning with their children.

  • Work with a Learning Coach for Teacher Skill Training

Interactive Activities

Engage in hands-on activities to reinforce your role as an instructional partner and learning coach. Refer to the provided worksheets for guidance.

  • Creating a Positive Learning Environment:

  • Reflect on the current learning environment at home.

  • Identify areas for improvement and implement positive changes.

  • Goal-Setting Exercise:

  • Collaborate with other caregivers to set realistic academic and personal goals for your child.

  • Share insights and strategies for goal achievement.

Resources for Caregivers and Using a Learning Coach for Teacher Skill Training


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