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REAL PD: I used ChatGPT to Write Weekly Teacher Lesson Plans in Minutes.

I must say at least 2 things before I give you the ultimate cheat code to #teaching:

  1. Use this as a way to see what additional items you could add to your teaching lessons.

  2. Use the hours you spent creating lesson plans to do something more positive and meaningful in your #classroom.

Now that all of that has been said, here you go:

2. Sign up.

3. Copy in this prompt at the bottom where it says "Send a message":

Create a weekly lesson plan chart that a (high school / elementary) teacher would use. The columns should be the days of the week: Monday = respiratory system, Tuesday = digestive system, Wednesday = Excretory System, Thursday = Nervous System, Friday = Endocrine System. The rows should be topic, objectives, Possible/Anticipated misconceptions and how to address them in the lesson, NYS content standards, Key Resources, Opening Activity, Explicit Instruction: , Opportunity for Practice, Assessment, Summary, HOMEWORK (add as needed)


- Replace the respiratory system, excretory system, etc. with what you are actually teaching. Do the same for the rest of the week.

- Feel free to replace the rows with what is required for your lesson plans.


4. Highlight everything in the table. Click copy. Open Excel, word, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. Right-click and choose Paste Special.

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