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School Teacher


"We provide personalized professional development solutions crafted to meet the distinct needs of each educator, ensuring a lasting impact." 

We Can Help Your School

Customizable Professional Development Training for Teachers

Peak-Ed delivers hybrid professional development to customize and differentiate the learning experience for the whole school, including leadership and guidance counselors. 
Schools are excited to work with us, because "we get it." Student success and the impact an educator has on their life are of the utmost importance. Every educator is different and they all matter equally. 

What We Do: At A Glance

Peak-Ed develops the whole school using a blend of small-group Instruction and e-learning.  
Coach working with educator on teaching strategies for professional development.


Coaching is an essential piece of professional development. Personalized, growth-oriented support from expert coaches helps build and sustain skills through practice. 

Coach working with leadership for professional development.

Growth Partnership

Peak-Ed makes sure when a goal is identified, that benchmarks are created, and all stakeholders are aligned in working towards fulfilling that goal on a daily basis. 

PD: The Experience. Hybrid Professional Development.

PD: The Experience

Hybrid, Station-Based Professional Development that is engaging, personalized, and delivers an experience that is equitable while focusing on the development of the "whole educator."

How Are We Different?

Peak-Ed focuses on in-person professional development, coaching sessions and aligns this with e-learning opportunities designed specifically around teacher, leader, and school goals. Every educator has an opportunity to grow. Yes, even the art and the PE teacher!


Our goal is to ensure educators have time to complete their required teaching tasks, yet have enough support and clarity to take student achievement to the next level. ​

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